What did you learn today?

What did you learn today?   Sometimes we idly ask this question of students at the end of a school day.  Give this question a little more spark.  Try asking students to repeat one of the objectives from their day at school.  Ask them about a math, reading or any subject’s objective.

Clinton teachers are participating in Classroom Instruction That Works.  This is a year-long professional development for us.  Some of our early study has been around making lesson objectives clear to students.  To do this, teachers post the objective and read it to students.   Teachers also ask students to restate the objective in their own words and write it down.  In some instances, students are reminded of the lesson objective at specific points throughout the lesson.  All these references help students know exactly what it is they are to be learning.  The experts remind us to precisely and directly align every detail within the lesson to the stated lesson objective.

So, try starting the end of the school day conversation with, “Tell me one of the objectives you worked on today.”  Students should be able to answer that question with confidence.