Nag or Re-teach

If there is a continual need to redirect students, it’s time to do some re-teaching.  As a school staff, we remind ourselves of that.  Our goal is to avoid nagging and instead teach students the exact routines we expect to see.  For example, many teachers have a specific path students are expected to use as  they pick up classroom books.  Prior to an actual book pickup, the teacher may announce to the class, “It’s time to practice our Math Walk.”  But, before they move, the teacher would ask, “What will this sound like?” (answer: “Silence.”)  “What will this look like?” (answers: “A single line.”  “Taking books from the shelf.”  “Hands to self.”)  “What will you do after sitting down?” (answer: “Open the book to the correct page.”)  The practice and questions before their actual Math Walk, will set students up to do things correctly.  As we begin the new semester, teachers will be doing lots of re-teaching of routines.  Clinton teachers know the value of this.  Students will be more likely to do the right thing and practicing creates a positive classroom environment.  At home, ask your child about some classroom routines they have practiced.

Safety First

A reminder as we begin second semester, to drive with caution during student drop off and pick up.  With over 520 students entering and exiting the building at these times, there are many instances of traffic and student/parent walkers crossing through the same spaces.  As drivers, thank you for watching closely for student/parent walkers and yielding to them in school zones.