Clinton Comet Achiever

IMG_0582fish wall photoIf you’ve been at school lately, you may have noticed the O – “FISH” – ally Outstanding Achievement! wall.  Teachers have been recognizing exemplary academic achievement by presenting students with fish shaped, colored card stock including the student name and accomplishment.  It’s  good to see students proudly showing their fish to others along the way and at the office before posting the award on the main hallway display.  This recognition process began in mid-December and to date (end of 3rd quarter), approximately 400 fish have been posted.  Some students have been recognized multiple times.  The process has successfully drawn attention to student effort, achievement and pride in school success.

The next stepyard sign in recognizing students for their academic achievement is to take this to the neighborhood.  Using the fish wall as a source, students will be selected from each grade level to receive a yard sign with the words, “Clinton Comet Achiever.”  The student will be invited to post the sign in their yard or in a window for one week.  The yard signs will help us celebrate student success throughout the neighborhood as well as here at school.  When you see one of the signs, you will know it’s the home of one of our hardworking Clinton students.