A Growth or Fixed Mindset

Child A and child B are both assigned the same task.  Child A looks at the assignment, determines it is difficult and is put off.  Lock down.  Shut down.  “I can’t do this.”  On the other hand, child B sees the task as manageable and goes to work with confidence to complete the task.  Author Carol Dweck, an expert on student mindset, has written books on this topic.  Dweck emphasizes that when students give up or say, “I can’t do this,” we should make a big thing about adding the word YET.  Just one little word can move students away from thinking they are not smart to realizing they can grow their skills and abilities.  As adults, we have an important role in promoting the growth mindset.  Effort, persistence and the willingness to take a risk are key.  So, when we hear a student say, “I can’t do this,” let’s make a big thing about adding the word YET.