Back to School

August 2015

Dear Clinton Parents/Guardians:

Our students had a successful school year in 2014-15 and we look forward to them achieving at an even higher level in 15-16.  Noted below are a few points for your consideration as we begin the new school year.  We look forward to partnering with you to help your students do their very best.  Thank you for your support of Clinton School.

Terry Neddenriep, Principal


Celebrating with non-food items

As we begin a new school year, I’d like to review our routines related to celebrations of student birthdays and other holidays.  Within our celebrations, a primary goal is to keep students with food allergies safe and respect the cultural reasons others may have for avoiding various foods. We are pleased to have parents/guardians take the time to visit school and in some instances even have lunch with students.  We ask that if items are shared with classmates during these visits, they be non-food items in place of food.  Some parents have used pencils, erasers, and stickers or other small items to help students celebrate. Objects like these are always a hit in an elementary school. Please join us as we put these practices in place to be responsive to our students. Be sure to let me know if you have questions.


Clinton Club

This year we are initiating a check in – check out process for students needing an early behavior intervention. We are referring to this process as the Clinton Club and it will be available to students whose behaviors have begun to slip. A detailed description of how this process will support students is available in the Clinton office.


Achievement Wall

Last year teachers began using the achievement wall to recognize students for outstanding classroom success. Teachers wrote the student name and accomplishment on a fish cutout, presented this to the student and sent them to post their fish on the main hallway display. By the end of the year, there were hundreds of fish on display.

Our theme for 15-16 will be “Wild About Learning.” The achievement wall will feature a huge paw print with the words, “Look who made these outstanding achievement tracks.” Teachers will recognize students by sending them to the main hallway to post their achievement. We look forward to seeing the pride students take in placing their names on display for academic success.


Morning Routines

We again are beginning breakfast at 7:45 a.m. Thank you for dropping students off after 7:45 and helping students time their walks to arrive after the breakfast line enters the building. Our staff supervision and the serving of breakfast begin at 7:45. Thank you for your assistance with this timing to keep everyone supervised and safe.