The Power of Specific Positive Feedback

At Clinton Elementary School, we acknowledge positive behavior when we see it. We know that when we give specific positive feedback to students, it greatly increases the likelihood that the behavior will be repeated. In fact, you can improve behavior by 80% just by pointing out what someone is doing correctly.  Now that’s powerful! To shape behavior we connect the specific behavior to the expectation.

At Clinton, students hear statements like this from adults in the building:

“Sara, thank you for being responsible by following directions and getting started right away. Finishing your work at school means no homework!”

“Jamar, thank you for being safe by keeping your hands at your side when walking in the hallway.”

Students receive “I Got Caught” tickets from staff members when they are doing the right thing.  Students receiving “I Got Caughts” have their tickets entered into a weekly drawing and at the end of the quarter, all names go into a school-wide drawing and their names are announced at the Clinton Comet Celebration of Excellence.