Connecting School and Home Expectations

At Clinton Elementary, our school-wide expectations are be safe, be respectful, be responsible and it is never OK to be hurtful or disruptive. We work on teaching these expectations in every setting and environment throughout our school.  An example of being responsible in the classroom might be having materials ready and giving your best effort. An example of being respectful in the cafeteria could be keep voice levels low and raise your hand to ask for what you need.  Being consistent and proactive when we teach expectations sets students up for success. We encourage you to discuss similar expectations with your child outside of school. For example, what does responsible look and sound like during homework time at your home? What does respectful look and sound like when eating dinner? What does safe look and sound like when students are spending time with friends without much supervision?  Having these conversations with your child helps them connect school expectations with home expectations.  Thank you for all you do to support your Clinton Comets!