Standard Response Protocol (SRP)

August 27, 2018


Dear Clinton Parents,


This morning we had a parent with a medical emergency in our front hallway.  I announced a “Hold” on the intercom.  A “Hold” is part of LPS Standard Response Protocol where teachers hold students in their classrooms and continue teaching.  This allowed the paramedics to arrive and students to be in their rooms learning.


We have also practiced “Evacuation” (fire) drills and one “Shelter”(tornado) drill.  Evacuation drills are when we move students out of the building.  A Shelter drill is when students take shelter on the first floor with their classes.


This week we will be practicing a “Lockdown” drill and a “Lockout” drill.  A Lockdown is used when there is a threat inside the building.  Lockdown includes locking the classroom door, turning off the lights, and remaining silent.  Our Lockdown drill will be on Friday, August 31.  We will also conduct a Lockout drill on Wednesday, August 29.  A Lockout is used when there is a threat outside the building.  We lock the front doors to the building and bring everyone inside.  Teachers continue teaching and it is business as usual.


Tips for families when discussing emergency responses and information about Standard Response Protocols can be found on the LPS Security webpage.


Safety is a top priority at LPS.  Always feel free to contact me with questions.



Thank you,




Angee Luedtke

Principal – Clinton Elementary