Clinton Elementary School Anti-Bullying Plan

Clinton School defines bullying as repeated, intentional, blatant, purposeful or planned behavior intended to hurt another person physically or mentally.  Reciprocal or mutual actions between two students would not fit the category of bullying.

As a school staff, we continually assess the school circumstances and make changes as necessary to the conditions that may contribute to acts of bullying.  Clinton staff members have continuous opportunities for professional development on how to prevent and respond to bullying during staff meetings, PBS/BIST meetings and grade level communication meetings.  Teachers and staff are purposeful in affirming positive behaviors while also responding to negative behaviors as they are observed or reported to them.  Students are taught that when witnessing acts of bullying they should respond by not joining in and making a report.  Our office referral log provides a system for measuring patterns of bullying and identifying students who are repeat offenders.

Interventions with the aggressor are instructional and focus on the effects of bullying. Replacement skills will be identified and practiced with those responsible for bullying actions.  The interventions include plans to hold the aggressor accountable for their actions.  The victims of bullying are provided council on how to manage acts of bullying and safety plans are created for them to follow.  These plans are shared with staff members and parents/guardians.